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Sorry! I haven't updated this blog because I wasn't sure what to say really, also I previously had continuous blog posts with interesting things happening in each, and it sucks that I broke that trend.

I only did some minor editing on 23-25 January. But the main thing was that I went on a long holiday overseas from 29 January to 13 February. During this time I did minimal editing, though I did visit the Wiki a few times on my mobile phone.

After coming back, well it kinda threw me off, my next plans for this wiki. Also I realised that what had been motivating me a lot during these previous months was creating new and exciting templates, other wiki-wide changes that I felt were a clear step in improving the wiki. When it came to writing and expanding articles and managing them, I wasn't so motivated. I felt a little disconnect as I am by no means an expert on Survivalist itself, the information I have been able to get and add to this wiki no one else had previously is mostly in the form of data. Data I had to extract and painstakingly add in for each entry in this wiki. Even now I am 'lazy' to process more data I have in some code that Bob has given me (character data), ugh as I realise that I'll be eventually adding this data to potentially a hundred pages in nearly the same way. It's mundane work unfortunately, and not as exciting as creating new things on the wiki. But it's got to be added somehow.

Also someone on Steam Discussions wrote a post that I saw as quite helpful for anyone wanting to get the Gold Bullion in the game. I said I would turn this into a guide on the Wiki, and I still haven't done it yet, until today. To really get a good list of guides going we need several people creating and contributing to them, but I'll continue to search discussions on Steam and Indiedb for other information that could be used as guides.

End of content, continue if you want to hear personal issues-----------

I'm sorry if this blog post sounds a bit haphazard, but I've got personal issues too. After I came back, I got reoccupied with playing League of Legends (before I realised that seriously I was getting really bad at the game, Bronze Lyfe forever :( ), plus it's looking like the FPS on the laptop I play LoL on is suffering ever since around patch 5.21 or so (and it used to run 120+ FPS too). I don't have access to that laptop any more, the laptop I'm using now can hardly play LoL at 12-30 FPS, and Survivalist at like 5FPS (yeah it's really bad, I tried), so ugh I need to somehow get a new computer.