Survivalist Game Series Fandom

Another update. I'm finding I can actually control the appearance of individual pages a whole lot, more and more now, without needing admin permissions. Looking at the code from other Wikis such as Terraria Wiki, I realised they were doing multiple columns with a simple CSS table, the syntax was slightly mixed in with html and Wiki syntax. Thus I got rid of the Multicol implementation and got the 3 column table up on the Main page, with vertically aligning the text to the top of each cell. The result looks similar, but is much easier to edit in VisualEditor without having to go into Source mode.

Other contributions, I've made so much since then I'm starting to lose track:

  • Added Version History (there is a lot to write, 30 versions worth of patch notes)
  • More discussion with Lakeside
  • More templates: Location Infobox, Quotebox
  • Still deciding on item icons, fiddling around with Pistol icons, I uploaded 20 of the original item icons with black background though, just because removing the background satisfactorily will add a lot more time for each item.

Will continue working on adding a whole bunch more pages, lots of Items and Locations still missing.