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My, has today been a throwback day. I reunited back with my old RuneScape clan, it'd been a while since I felt I was active on RuneScape, I'd sporadically log in and play for a couple of days only to disappear for weeks or a couple of months, but today felt different. What has this got to do with Survivalist? Well short story is I started editing the RuneScape Wiki again. And my activity in editing wikis leads me to checking up on Survivalist Game Wiki, but additionally feeling motivated to actually post stuff again (because I would check the wiki times over the past 2 years but not really feel like changing anything, i.e. a silent observer of a wiki, rather than being a creator). 

In my 2018 Blog post, User_blog:Jonius7/Update_3_February_2018_-_Yes,_it's_been_that_long, I mentioned I didn't have a good enough computer to play Survivalist anymore. Well, it has been 18 months since I built my own computer! How time files! I was motivated by several reasons (to play better games and do computer stuff), to get myself a better computer, and Survivalist was a contributing part to that. Now I am at this point in life where I am feeling I need to move to the next step, and not be stuck in my life situation somehow. That is, have my own place somehow, with good internet allowing me to make the most use out of content creation, gaming, information technology, etc.

Right now I could consider myself to be on borrowed time, there are only so many communities I can keep up with. It was Hearthstone for much of 2018 leading into 2019. League of Legends at times, and RuneScape, I feel popping up again in these recent days.

I feel I have a better understanding of how to push through and code/write the stuff needed to bring this wiki to a new level, but it remains to be seen whether I follow through on that.