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Tom Catt is a Survivor in the Sonaran Desert along with his partner Butch Billington. The pair originally lived in LA, but fled following the apocalypse.

At some point, Tom is bitten by a Green Strain Infected, and he contracts the virus, leaving Butch worried sick and distraught.


Outcome 1: Dead

The Survivalists turn up, and have no antigen, or they refuse to give it. Tom eventually succumbs to the virus, and reanimates as an infected. He is put down by Butch.

Outcome 2: Alive

The Survivalists happily supply Tom with the antigen, and he fully recovers.

However, the Survivalists run into Tom 'n' Butch again when Santa Maddalena explain that the lovers are actually looters, stealing crops from them and thus generally being nuisances. The Survivalists agree to kill them in exchange for gold and insulin. The Survivalists reach Tom 'n' Butch, and events ensue.

Outcome 3: Dead

The Survivalists, shooting first and asking questions later, murder Tom 'n' Butch in cold blood, and return to Santa Maddalena for payment.

Outcome 4: Alive

The Survivalists cautiously approach them and ask if they're looters. They reply with a firm no, and ask who would say such a thing. After hearing it was Santa Maddalena, they, obviously distressed, say that they stole some crops because Santa Maddalena refused a trade. It surfaces that Santa Maddalena did so because they disapprove of homosexuality. The Survivalists apologize and move on.

Killed Victims


  • In order to get the The Path of the Righteous Man achievement, you must not kill Tom.