Survivalist Game Series Fandom

Toby Reed was an elderly man with a wife, Connie Reed, and a daughter. He lived upon a hill with his wife. He is a skilled farmer, and supplies a lot of food for him and Connie.

During the "Photograph" quest, a Survivalist retrieves a photograph of his dead daughter for him when he requests it. After bringing it to Toby, he will be shocked and saddened by seeing her again, and he'll go into cardiac arrest, killing him swiftly.

Connie may attack you afterwards, but if you sweet talk her (As Alice) she'll forgive you, though will still be mad. Seeing as Toby supplied Connie with food, she will wander around the area looking for food, and will likely be killed soon after.

Alternative Option: Kill Connie and Toby will join your group, however Toby's quest will fail.