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The road to Santa Maddalena has been blocked by looters. I´d pay you some gold if could get rid of them.
— Eliza West, Quest dialogue

The Road to Santa Maddalena is a quest given by Eliza. During the quest the Survivalists will encounter the Highwaymen.


Eliza asks to the Survivalists to get rid of a gang of looters which has occupied the road that leads to Santa Maddalena. Depending on the actions of the Survivalist the encounter with the Highwaymen may end in a bloodbath or the two groups can come together.

Outcome 1:The Highwaymen are killed

The Survivalists solve the problem in the simplest way and kill all Highwaymen.

Outcome 2:The Survivalist recruit the Highwaymen

The Survivalist decide to give a better use of Highwaymen so they recruit them.

When Joe's group finished dealing with the Highwaymen, Survivalist must notify Eleanore Williams. After that, Eliza will reward the group with 80 gold.