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The Lone Wacko is a quest given by Em Arcine to eliminate legendary sniper Lou Calibre, who is better known by Los Ceros as the Lone Wacko.


After hearing about Elfego's success in taking down a group of escaped criminals, Em is troubled at the lack of options she has to gain an edge over her brother - but player character gives a hint about Lone Wacko, later described by Em as a legendary sniper who's been eliminating Los Ceros's patrols for a long time, with no one being able to kill him, which is what the player will be tasked with.


After receiving the mission, player will get a map marker in general location of the Lone Wacko, which will dissapear as he gets close, prompting proper search.

Wacko himself is hostile and armed with a Sniper Rifle - granting him maximum viewing range, simular to that avaliable to the player wielding the same rifle and is quite deadly, but his first couple of shots could miss, since NPCs tend to not aim fully before taking a shot - however characters without Bullet-Resistant Vest are at risk of receiving more damage should the sniper hit.

Red Strain infected are present in the surrounding area, so player should have a party or a character with high Fitness and\or Aiming to make the search safer.


100 Gold and Los Ceros respect, Wacko's corpse has his rifle and a Gun Fetishist Magazine


The Lone Wacko.jpg

Lone Wacko's location ( deceased marker )