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Survivalist: Invisible Strain is the sequel to Survivalist. Few details about the full game content or potential plots are known, as it was released in early access on June 1, 2020. The current up-to-date patch version is v142(v152 in publicbeta).


It's speculated that the game will take place in Vancouver a decade after the first game. It's confirmed that the story will not have any characters from the first game, but they will be mentioned. Story mode will be available once the game comes out of early access.

The primary objective in the sandbox mode is to have at least 50% of the map's living population in your group, which is similar to the Power Ending of the first game or to try to obtain a green pass from F.E.M.A. to be transferred into one of their bases.

A workshop-made example story mode was made by Bob to showcase the editor and workshop features. It was released as the first workshop content for the game on August 10th.

Gameplay Basics

The game is centered around building a community and completing quests.

Character Creation

The character creator is very in-depth interface. The VITAL STATS panel includes things like name, clan name, gender, and things like fat levels, eye color, and freckles. The FACE panel is full of sliders to make your character unique, it's difficult to find two identical people! The CLOTHES panel is self explanatory, as well as the EQUIPMENT panel; Both use points to choose what you bring into the game with you, and the clothes has an insulation indicator for starting in colder (or warmer) seasons. The SKILLS panel is exactly what it sounds like. The player character starts with 6 skill points by default, while the skills increase in price of points by 1 for each level (level 1 = 1, level 2 = 2, etc.). The PERSONALITY panel outlines your character as a person, are they cynical or idealistic? Friendly or withdrawn? A complete sociopath or extremely compassionate? Finally is the WORLD panel. The world panel can be seen as a difficulty panel of sorts, options like loot levels, levels of inhabited survivor camps, towns, roads, and rivers. The season can also be changed here, the early to late phase of each season precisely. Starting in the winter makes it difficult to grow crops and survive without a fire, while starting in the summer does the opposite, the choice of difficult is yours!


The game currently only has one mode as a default, with plenty more modes and stories on the steam workshop, all with their own modifications. Sandbox puts players into a randomly generated landscape, currently up to 1km², where the ultimate goal is to take over the map, or at least have over 50% of all characters on the map a part of their community. This can be done through a multitude of ways, including but not limited to giving gifts for reputation and other character's sway; and forcing communities on the map to work for you, or suffer the consequences.

Survivors and Communities

Story Mode

More TBA

Sandbox Mode

Example Story



The skills in Survivalist: Invisible Strain are:


  • Difficulty Settings
  • Snowy climate
    • Rain, Snow, and other seasonal changes
    • Trees
  • A blocking ability due to melee weapons being in the game
  • Melee Weapons
    • Baseball Bat
    • Spiked Bat
    • Pipe
    • Axe
    • Shovel
    • Pickaxe
    • Golf Club
    • Katana
    • Wrench
    • More TBA
  • Changable Clothes
  • Lower Camera Angle to make it more like a 3rd-person
  • Further viewable distance
  • A sandbox mode
  • Different menu backgrounds (including one of an infected)
  • As of yet, not much is known, but the developer has given some planned additions:
    • A more moddable structure with editing tools for quests and the terrain
  • From update videos he has shared other feature being implemented, such as,
    • Hunting
    • Wind condition
    • Wildlife
    • Tree cutting
    • Cooking
    • Temperature
    • Zombie's being able to detect sound and scent
    • Cannibalism
    • Pipe bombs
    • Craftable traps
  • New skills:
    • Hand to hand
    • Archery
    • Stealth
  • Snowball Fights and Snowmen
  • Feeding Rabbits
  • Flirting
  • New UI
  • Steam Workshop and Editor (There are currently 25 custom stories and custom sandboxes and 57 mods and map addons available on Steam Workshop)
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