Survivalist Game Series Fandom

Rachael Scull is a member of the shanty town Fort Kohai, situated in the centre of the Sonaran Desert. A former police officer, she is skilled in gun combat, and hard as nails. She was the one to send Bat Jacobs to jail.

El Dorado

Scull is the person who initially begins the El Dorado quest line. She approaches the Survivalists with a plan to go into Blue Strain infested Cactus Springs and talk to criminal Bat Jacobs, in order to find out where Kit Wakeman and his gold bullion are. The group does so, and Jacobs complies. Rachael thanks the Survivalists for their work, and rewards them with gold.


Rachael is present at the meeting between Los Ceros and Fort Kohai if Wyatt Ingalls wins the vote for group leader. She is distressed when Wyatt is killed, and returns to base; furious with Los Ceros, begging for the deaths of each and every member.