Survivalist Game Series Fandom

Los Ceros is a massive community in the Sonaran Desert that serves as the main antagonists through a majority of the main story. It is thought by many to be very shady, and has a very strong and foreboding presence in the land. It is led by Felipe Espinosa, a former cartel leader. They serve as the primary antagonists of most of the story of Survivalist.

hi0401's advise on how to kill them all: wait at the gate of Los Ceros with a character who is Firearms lv5 (so its easier to aim the gun) and has a sniper rifle (with ammunition and bullet proof vests also!) when the war starts. go to the quests page and click on the "Complete the game!" quest. (this will reveal the locations of all the Los Ceros soldiers) wait till they come at you (or you could come at them if they're hiding, be careful cuz some guy with a rpg might come out of nowhere and kill you) and shoot them in the head one by one.

Los Ceros has a total of 56 members.