Survivalist Game Series Fandom

Characters Involved

  • Isham Seely


This quest is very simple and linear. Isham decides that the group must be secure and self-sufficient for long term survival. He decides to set up fences around the bunker. Eventually, he implements a well, and some shacks and outhouses; a watchtower is then built, as well as a pillbox, rendering the base virtually impregnable. Then, the Survivalists set up some farms to grow corn, and Isham is satisfied with the base.


  1. Gather 8 wood planks (Your best option would be in Sienna, just use command mode and leave Isham or any character of your choice to it)
  2. Build 8 wooden fences in the marked spots
  3. Build a fence (You'll need 2 more wooden planks)
  4. Build a shack (You'll need 8 wooden planks)
  5. Build an outhouse
  6. Build a well (2 wooden planks and 2 cement packs)
  7. Build a wooden watchtower

(some steps are missing, requires further update)