Survivalist Game Series Fandom

Farming is a skill in Survivalist that allows your community to plant crops to create sources of sustainable food. A higher Farming Level inreases the overall yield of a crop.

Increasing this skill

You can increase a character's Farming skill by using a Watering Can to water crops. This requires a Farming Level of at least 1. Farming Handbooks will increase the Farming skill of a character by 1 for each book.

How to farm crops

1. Plant an ear of corn

2. Water corn with a watering can filled from a well

3. Wait and repeat step 2 when necessary, or set a player character to automatically farm

4. Harvest corn

Tips and Tricks

It is recommended to dedicate a person to plant corn manually, as the AI tends to place corn sparingly: approximately one ear of corn every 6 tiles. Planting corn manually allows for the most compact layout, easily planting 100 corn in a 10 x 10 area will provide enough food for up to 10 people and have enough left over to sell to traders.