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F.E.M.A. are a military unit that appears in Survivalist and Survivalist: Invisible Strain. They serve as the primary antagonists of the final parts of the story of Survivalist.



Led by Clara Allison, they were sent into the Sonaran Desert to try and find a cure for the virus. Scientists abducted survivors such as Charlie Cashman, Charley Parkhurst, and Lou Marchbanks; The abducted survivors were then injected them with a small dose of the virus, therefore creating the Invisible Strain. However, there was almost a breakthrough when Patient X: Alice Ivers, was found. Tests were done, but her pancreas was rendered useless, making her diabetic. Before other research could be done, Alice escaped and F.E.M.A. were at a loss. However, the Survivalists broke into the base, forcing a surrender. Depending on the actions of the Survivalists, that division of F.E.M.A. is annihilated, all but Clara were recruited into the Survivalists group, or the survivors of the unit tried in vain to find a cure.

Survivalist: Invisible Strain

In newer versions of SIS, to beat the game you have to call FEMA using a telephone number and a satellite phone, and they will offer you green passes if you destroy the raider forces they send to you.

Bases and Locations



  • FEMA Operator - Soldier
  • Player Character - Refugee (Determinant)
  • Group Allies - Refugees (Determinant)
  • More TBA
  • Formerly

    • Rogue F.E.M.A. Soldiers - Former Soldiers
    • More TBA