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Dejado is a small town located to the south of Joe Wheeler's Bunker. It is the first place Joe heads to after leaving his bunker. His first mission in Dejado involves the first survivor and first named infected he encounters. It consists of Alice Ivers and her recently infected sister, Rosetta Ivers. The infected in the town are mostly made up of green strain infected. The only non-green strain infected is Rosetta Ivers, who is a red strain infected.

There can be a fair bit of wood planks and chicken wire found here, which can be useful for early construction. Isham Seely will take resources from Dejado to build the structures for his quest Home Improvement, mainly from a store in the south part of the town. You can also find a bunny wabbit backpack in the southern-most house, which is also needed for Isham Seely. There is also a water tower with a large supply of water, which Alice will drink from once freed from the car park by Joe.

It is possible for looter gangs or infected hordes to spawn here and make their way towards the bunker, which will give the player little time to prepare for the attack.



  • The first main mission starts in this town.
  • Dejado is Spanish for abandoned. This is quiet literal, as the town is completely abandoned.