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Connie Reed is an elderly woman who is married to Toby Reed. She lives on a hill with her husband between the Bunker and Fort Kohai. Connie and Toby have a daughter who is dead.


Connie and Toby were in different cities when the apocalypse started but managed to get in touch before the phones stopped working. They met on the hill where they used to picnic together.


During the "Photograph" quest, if asked about the picture, Connie will tell you that retrieving the picture is not a good idea. After returning the photograph to Toby, Connie may attack you depending on your response.

Recruiting her

To avoid being attacked by her, finish the quest as Alice, and say "I was only trying to help" then "He missed his daughter so much".

If you do that, she will hate Alice but will forgive her. You'll still be able to recruit her as another character if you wish to.

She likes Wine and Chic-Lit novels and Chocolate.

She doesn't like Cop novels, erotic novels, cigars and bibles.

Recruiting her gives you an awardment: "Granny's got a Shotgun!"