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Chris Kane is a main character in Survivalist. He is a survivor who lives in Fort Kohai in the Sonaran Desert. He is shown to be extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and is confident enough to wager one-hundred gold a fight. However, relations in the group change when Lou Marchbanks, a good friend of Chris, is abducted by Los Ceros. A vote is called: Wyatt Ingalls wants to negotiate with Los Ceros, and Bud Anderson wants to siege Los Ceros to get Lou back. Chris immediately sides with Bud, and the rest is up to the Survivalists.

Outcome 1; Dead:

Bud wins the vote by a landslide, and Fort Kohai, represented by Bud and Chris, decide to scout out the rear area of Los Ceros' fort to plan a rescue mission. Chris is promptly shot dead when discovered by Mike Doolin, at which point war is declared.

Outcome 2; Alive:

Wyatt wins the election, and is killed instead, leaving Chris unscathed.

Death (Determinant)

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