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Camila Aird is the leader of the McCoys community.


Not much is known about Camila's life other than the fact she used to run the nearby branch of McCoy's restaurant a lifetime ago, and all the members within her community were mostly her employees.


When the apocalypse began, Camila rounded up her employees and together, they formed a community near where they used to work. It's possible she might already have had some beef with her old business competitor Dorcas Longabaugh of Fat Neils from way before and it only got much worse after the collapse of civilization when both their communities started accusing one another of stealing the other's crops and such, which they equally denied committing.


Joe Wheeler arrives at McCoys as an envoy from Wyatt in Fort Kohai to convince Camila to negotiate a truce with Fat Neils. However, Joe needs to somehow gain enough credibility with the community so he can either force her into it (Respect) or make her do it as a favor (Approval), both of which will affect the overall relationship between Joe and McCoys.