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Bud Anderson is a main character and an antagonist in Survivalist. He is a survivor in the Sonaran Desert and the current leader of Fort Kohai. He is shown to crave power, but in reality he is a poor leader and a bully, contrasting the more cautious Wyatt Ingalls. When Lou is found to be in the Los Ceros base, Bud attempts to take control of Fort Kohai in order to declare war on Los Ceros and exact revenge. A vote is subsequently called. He determinantly serves as a antagonist in the game if the Survivalists aren't in his favor.


Outcome 1; Alive:

After Wyatt is killed, Bud is appointed as leader, and hastily goes about preparing defenses for the coming battle against Los Ceros.

Outcome 2; Alive:

Bud is made leader, and decides to use Santa Maddalena as bait for Los Ceros, as well as the Fat Neils, and/or McCoy's. A battle ensues at Santa Maddalena, and depending on the actions of the Survivalists, the base falls. Los Ceros then set their sights on the dominant group(s) in the east, and then the Survivalists, in an attempt to destroy Fort Kohai's supporters. However, the Survivalists repel this attack, and siege Los Ceros, killing most, and causing a surrender, ending the war. For Bud, life at Fort Kohai resumes as normal, with the added burden of being leader.

Outcome 3; Dead:

Bud is killed by Los Ceros if they cross paths before the war is over.


  • In order to get the The Path of the Righteous Man achievement, you must not accept Bud's mission to make an alliance with Santa Maddalena.

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