Survivalist Game Series Fandom

Alice Ivers assigns this quest as you collect certain amounts of insulin. After the first amount of extra Insulin is collected and givin to Alice she'll want to talk to Joe. During the conversation Alice will ask what his long term plans are what he wants out of life. She gives him the choices: money, power or love. Once one of the 3 choices have been selected it permanently becomes one of the victory conditions for the Complete the game! quest.

Later in the game after finding more Insulin Alice tells Joe that she wants to practice shooting. So Joe and Alice make their way to the shooting range. Once at the range they take turns shooting at targets while talking about how Alice's past. Once complete both Joe and Alice receive a +1 to their Firearms skill.

Next Alice tells Joe that she wants to get in shape. They meet at the foot of a mountain and run together to the top. Once at the top of the mountain both Joe and Alice receive a +1 to their fitness skill.

After collecting even more insulin Alice tells Joe that she wants to hang out with him. Alice is getting worried that they'll run out of insulin and that it will go bad without refridgeration. Joe suggest building a solar powered fridge. So you are given the quest to find a Solar Panel, a Heavy Duty Battery, and a Small Fridge. All three can be found in the nearby Electricals Appliances store.

After all parts have been collected Give Joe or Alice a toolbox and have them build the Solar Powered Fridge. After the fridge is done both Joe and Alice gain +1 to Construction.

Once even more insulin is collected Alice tells Joe that she wants to go on a date. She suggest planting some flowers and you're given the quest to find some seeds at the gardening store in Sundance. After the seeds are retrieved Joe remebers that Wheeler Captial Management did some work on genetically engineering Safflower to produce insulin. He tells Alice that if he could get access to the test fields in Vancouver they might be able to get some samples and cultivate it. Alice listens but isn't happy, she's worried about the risks that they'll have to take traveling so far. She tells Joe that she'll think about it and that they should just plant their flowers for now. After they are planted both Joe and Alice gain a +1 to Farming.