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Alice Ivers is the deuteragonist of Survivalist and a survivor who lived in the Sonaran Desert along with her sister, Rosetta Ivers. Eventually, however, F.E.M.A. abducted her and began to experiment on her. Known as 'Patient X,' Alice's pancreas became unable to produce its own insulin, leaving Alice stricken with Type One Diabetes. However, she managed to escape, and was reunited with her sister, albeit briefly. Rosetta went to collect water from a nearby tower in Dejado, and she never returned. Thankfully, Joe Wheeler heard about a distress call, and put down Alice's sister, now infected with Red Strain. He and Alice joined up together and set up a base at Joe's bunker, her need for insulin constantly needing to be quenched.

Character Fates

Outcome 1; Dead:

The Survivalists are unable to supply Alice with a regular stream of insulin, and she dies a slow and painful death.

(P.S. If she dies after she gives you the Love ending "Complete the Game!" quest, you could still chose the Money and Power ending by asking community members "what's up?" and there will be a chance of triggering new dialog.)

Outcome 2; Unknown:


Alice has guaranteed survival due to a steady amount of insulin coming in, but eventually the Survivalists run into F.E.M.A., and Clara Allison reveals there was a test subject, 66F, who freed all of the other test subjects (Who were invisible strains) and escaped with them. Clara says that there is one clue that could be used to find 66F: Her pancreas were destroyed by the experiments and can't produce insulin. Alice hears the conversation and runs away from the desert.

Killed Victims


  • Alice is the only diabetic character to appear in Survivalist.

Additional Information


Using the Brain Scanner on Alice reveals she has the invisible strain.

The scanner will read

SYSTEM ERROR: Data range was outside known limits!

The same message will display when the scanner is used on Charlie Cashman and Lou Marchbanks, both of Fort Kohai.

Unlike Lou and Cashman, Alice will not turn on the player during normal gameplay.

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